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Encourage entrepreneurship amongst youngsters

The orthodox way of teaching students in most of the schools is problematic. Even though students get the opportunity to choose their own set of subjects to study, it totally precludes their chance to learn about subjects that aren’t provided by the school, like entrepreneurship which we believe holds paramount importance in today's world. Here FlyUp comes into the picture. FlyUp is a Student-Formed Organisation that plans to encourage Entrepreneurship in youngsters by providing them opportunities such as Entrepreneurship Clubs, Global Student Community, Pitching Opportunities and Mentorship. We at FlyUp believe that the skills of entrepreneurship should be taught to people from an early age to make them the leaders of tomorrow.

Differentiating Factors

Courses and books regarding Entrepreneurship are broadly accessible but End-to-End Interactive Sessions, Live Pitching, Funding Opportunities and Peer Engagement are what gives us the edge. Our Clubs & Global Community connects young and innovative entrepreneurial enthusiasts to like-minded peers and mentors encouraging fluid ideation and constant improvement of their entrepreneurial quotient. The Entrepreneurship Curriculum and Activities, carefully structured and designed by experienced student entrepreneurs, is available for a portion of the market cost. To make the course more intriguing, we will also host Shark Attack Events in which students can pitch their business ideas. The best pitches will receive Seed Funding so that they can convert their ideas into full-fledged businesses.

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FlyUp is driven by young passionate individuals who aim to make all classrooms a community of game changers.
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